Olga Ravn

Olga Ravns billede

My name is Olga Novitskaya Ravn. I was born  in Belarus. In 1995 finished gymnasium and moved to Russia (Saint-Petersburg), where I studied at SPb's State University and  graduated in 2002 with a magister degree in Art History. At the same time have been working in Saint Petersburg's museums The Hermitage, Usupov's Palace, Catharines Palace in Zarskoje Selo) and in its'  depositories and studying in the Academy of Art.

The first works - mainly nature sketches and portraits - were made in crayon and water colours on paper  and carton. In Danmark, where I moved in 2004,  for the short time I took lessons from Holland artist Laurentius Van Dam and painted mostly in oil on canvas and later on - in acryl or mix media using different techniques and working in different styles from lyrical realism and expressive romantic to mixed abstract.

In my present works the importance is given to colour and rhythm of tone combinations meaning to create special world, where objects  are bright and delicate and images are like flash of emotions or a surrealistic dream...

I am looking for the motives everywhere in nature as well as materialistic world and the ones which are consonant to my soul I try to reconstract on canvas. Sometimes I like to transform motives of nature into half-abstract forms and give them symbolic meaning, but they are always keeping connection with the reality. Being deeply in love with the beauty of the world and its magic poetry I attempt to give the same feeling to the spectator.

My paintings are finding there place in private collections in Denmark and abroad.